Infinity Reference Standard IRS / V

Technische Daten, soweit bekannt.

Introduced: IRS: 1980
Introduced: IRS V: 1988
Dimensions:  Bass Tower: 228 x 52 x 73 cm
Dimensions:  Mid/High Tower: 228 x 119 x 43 cm
Wight: Bass Tower: 681 kg (system)
Bass: 6 x 30 cm
Mids: 12 x EMIM
Highs: 36 x EMIT (12 on the back)
Suggested for amplifiers with: 100-300 Watts per Mid/High channel (bass towers have their own 2000 Watts amplifier)
Frequency range: 15 Hz - 45 kHz
Crossover frequencies: 70 Hz (variable), 4500 Hz
Special: Servo control unit for bass drivers
Suggested price (system):  IRS: 90000 $
Suggested price (system):  IRS V: 45000 $


Comment: The IRS was designed to be an internal reference system at Infinity, but the demand of the public for such a state of the art speaker system was so great that Infinity decided to sell them to people with enough money. The IRS V is just a newer version of the original IRS. As you can see the main difference is the newer  bass driver which was introduced with the Kappa series.

Click here for a technical sheet of the IRS Beta with schematics of the crossover and the servo control unit. The servo control unit from the IRS V should be the same.

A technical sheet with (sadly, without crossover schematics) can be seen here.

To read a review of the IRS from The Absolute Sound click below.

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